Citizenship Renunciation

Renunciation of Nigerian Citizenship

The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria wishes to inform that, A Nigerian Citizen not below the universal adult age of 18 is afforded the constitutional right to renounce citizenship. All prospective applicants who desire to renounce their Nigerian citizenships may wish to know that the power to approve renunciation of Nigerian citizenship or restoration of same is the sole prerogative of Mr. President, as enshrined in Chapter III, Article 29, sub. Section 1-2, of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (1999).

  1. Kindly note, therefore that, such powers are NOT TRANSFERABLE and the process can only be carried out in Nigeria.
  2. Renouncing citizenship is quite sensitive and should be properly thought over by the individual.
  3. Furthermore, please be informed that a citizen of Nigeria by birth may not renounce his Nigerian citizenship, being that he is allowed, under Nigerian Law to acquire the citizenship or nationality of a second country without the necessity to renounce the citizenship of the country of his/her birth (Nigeria).

Requirements for Renunciation of Nigerian Citizenship (Under The Section 29 of The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria As Amended):

  • Submission of formal application letter to the Ministry of Interior;
  • Obtain the prescribed application form or renunciation citizenship (form G) from the Ministry or online by visiting and attach the documents listed below for the processing of the application:
  • Passport Photograph.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • First 5 pages of International Passport including Data Page.
  • Sworn Affidavit.
  • Evidence of Citizenship in the new country.
  • Local Government Certificate of Origin with Passport Photograph.
  • Certification by the Secretary of the Applicant’s Local Government Area.

* All these documents should be uploaded

  1. The Embassy will only process requests for renunciation of Nigerian citizenship with the above requirements AND it will take 21 working days to process your document from the day we receive it.